Repair of parts as per developed technologies

At our company, which specializes in the preparation of components and parts for turbines, we have well developed set of technological processes, which can be applied for the repair of specific parts of steam turbines, reinstatement of their initial geometric parameters and functionally important technical requirements.

The parts technology for the repair of which, over the years have been developed to perfection and can be used easily include:

  • Welded diaphragms, used in the structure of steam turbines. During operations they get deformed and are subjected to abrasive wear and tear. In the process of repairing the residues are removed and the connectors are repaired, and other parameters of the diaphragm are reinstated.
  • Diaphragm holders of steam turbines and fixing of the turbine.
  • Nozzle and guiding cylinders and diaphragms.
  • Jurnal-bearing inserts, the repair of which results in the reduction of loss of oil and the power needed to transport it

The repair of turbine parts significantly elongates their life span and provides for long-term accident free operations. Repair of components is significantly cheaper than buying new parts.