Metallic structures

We offer services for the preparation of various equipment for any industry, either as per your drawing or as per your technical requirements.

We perform the following basic stages of works:

  • Compilation of specification of manufactured components and final parts.
  • Development of technological processes of preparation of parts, assembly of units and total equipment.
  • Design and preparation of special tools, associated parts and instruments necessary for the preparation of parts and equipment assembly.
  • Development of methods of verifying accuracy of manufacture of parts and units, as well as functional suitability of the manufactured equipment; if needed we can also provide special stands for testing.
  • If needed development and preparation of packaging and methods of transportation of equipment.
  • Equipment for any industry, either as per drawing or as per technical requirements provided.

Total mass of the assembled unit should not be more than 3.2 tonnes.

Your order will be processed efficiently and all the works will be performed at a high level of quality and in accordance with the agreed upon time.