Mechanical processing

Our company renders all services for the making of various metallic parts using all types of mechanical processing at different levels of accuracy.

We own metal processing machines of different types, including universal as well as with digital software controlled ones of various sizes:

  • Lethe machines
  • Carousel machines
  • Casting machines (horizontal and vertical casting)
  • Grinding machine
  • Drill machines (radial drilling)
  • Hammering machine
  • Polishing machines (circular and flat grinding)

All of the machines have been tested for accuracy and are adherent with technical specifications, providing for the necessary class of accuracy and sharpness of the processed surface.

All machines are fitted with the standard universal set of equipment for fastening typical parts and tools. If needed, special equipment can be prepared.

For the preparation of singular components we use universal machines; in case of need for the manufacturing of components we can use all the benefits of machines with DSC.

The technical process for the mechanical processing id developed in functional mode to provide for all necessary parameters of accuracy and the surface of the prepared component.