Heat treatment of parts

We perform heat treatment of various parts weighing up to three tonnes, with a length of up to 3 meters and diameter of up to 1200 mm. Thermal treatment, which means changing structure of the metal under temperature effect to achieve given physical properties, tends to be of different types and is used for various purposes.


In case of burning the part slowly cools-down along with the furnace. In this case the hardness of metal is reduced, which makes it easy to process metal, because the internal tension is relieved in cast parts and the structure is made uniform.


This in its nature is also a type of burning, but the process of cooling-down does not occur in the furnace, but in air. The purpose, just like in case of burning is to enhance the metal’s structure and relieving internal tension.


In this process the metal is heated and then cooled by dipping into a liquid: in water, oil and other liquids. As a result the metal gets harder and the steel parts get stronger.


This process is used after hardening to reduce the fragility and to enhance workability of steel. This process comprises of heating up at low temperatures and then immersion into oil or water.

We can perform thermal treatment as a separate order, as well as in the form of associated process for the preparation of parts.